Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Quiz on Srimad Bagavatham

Quiz on Srimad Bagavatham
Rules and Regulations:
1. The answers should be mailed within 25th of the month to
2. Points will be alloted for the First, second and Third prizes.First - 10 Second - 8 Third - 6
3. The points will be cumulated every month if you get first, second or third.
4. The participants with the maximum points will be awarded first, second and third prizes at the end of the year.
5. The prizes will be distributed by Hariji at a grand function held at the end of the year.
Questions: [First Canto First Chapter]
1. Who imparted the Vedas to Chaturmuka Bramha?
2. Define Maya.
3. Give one example for Maya from the first sloka of Bagavatham.
4. What do the words Artheshvabignyaha and Swarat mean?
5. Nigamakalpataroho - What is the Kalpakavruksha mentioned here?


V Lakshmi said...

Radhe Krishna

V Lakshmi said...

I am unable to understand the 4th question. If possible please provide the Sanskit version of the word "Artheshvabignyaha".

Ram Ram