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Quiz On Srimad Bhagavatham [ AUGUST 2008]

Quiz On Srimad Bhagavatham [ AUGUST 2008]

Rules and Regulations:
1. The answers should be mailed within 25th of the month to
2. Points will be alloted for the First, second and Third prizes.First - 10 Second - 8 Third - 6
3. The points will be cumulated every month if you get first, second or third.
4. The participants with the maximum points will be awarded first, second and third prizes at the end of the year.
5. The prizes will be distributed by Hariji at a grand function held at the end of the year.

QUESTIONS: [Chapter 5 to 10 – I canto]

1. Devarshi: praha viprarshim – Who is Devarshi and who is viprarshi in this phrase?

2. How old was Narada in his previous birth when he was blessed with Satsangam?

3. Did Narada have brothers and sisters in his previous birth?

4. How many times did Narada partake the prasadam offered by these Sadhus?

5. During Narada’s previous birth Sadhus stayed at his place. Which season did they stay there?

Answers for the month of July:

1. In which yuga did Vyasa avathara take place?
Dvapara Yuga
2. What is the name of Vyasa’s mother?
Who are the five disciples of Vyasa?
Paila, Jaimini, Sumantu, Vaishampayana and Romaharshana.
Which sastras did Vyasa preach to his diciples. Specify individually to which
disciple each shastra was taught?
Vyasa taught Rig-Veda to Paila, Yajur-Veda to Vaishampayana, Sama-Veda to Jaimini,
Atharvana Veda to Sumantu and Itihasa-Puranas to Romaharshana
Vyasa met Narada on the banks of a river. Name the river.

July Winners:

1. Sethuraman - 10+30=40 points
1. Usha - 10 points
1. Gurumurthy - 6+10=16 points
2. AparnaGanesh - 8+24=32 points
2. PadmaNarayanan - 8 points
3. VittalRangan - 6+6=12 poin

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