Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Thiruvanparisaram is a divyadesham in Kerala. There are many divyadeshams in Kerala out of which Thiruvanparisaram is a famous one.
Once there lived a king by name Kulasekhara in Kerala. He was a very generous, noble hearted, benevolent king. He was a great warrior too. Once he decided to go for a digvijayam and conqured Karnataka, Maharshtra, Kalinga, Gujarath., Anga , vanga, uthkala, Chola and Pandya nations. He was on his way back to Kerala. As he was resting for a while his horse was lost. He went all the way searching for it and was suddenly caught in a forest full of lakes and trees. There he saw a pond by name Somatheertha and a tree whre his horse was tied up. He also saw a Vishnu temple. Being a devotee of Lord Vishnu he entered the temple and saw The Lord seated on Seshasanam. At once there came a beautiful damsel richly decorated of smiling face. As she entered the temple she enetered the sanctum sanctorium and disappeared into the bosom of the Lord. Highly surprised at this sight he asked a sage by name Mouthgalyar who the lady was. The sage immediately extolled the glory of that kshetra and told him the fact that it was none other than Mahalakshmi herself. That is the reson why the place was called SriParisaaram ( as the Godeess herself serves the Lord). It is also called Thiruvanparichaaram as the horse wandered there. It was the divine sport of the Lord who wanted to give darshan to the king. Hence it was the Lord who stole his horse. Thus hearing the king extolled the Lord and His consort and prayed for immaculate staunch devotion at His feet.


Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Nice to hear about this. Would have liked to also know how to reach there.. Hare Krishna

ravikumar said...

very useful questioner to all age groups