Wednesday, December 5, 2012


“Yadaacharathi kalyani Shubham Va yadi Vaashubham
Thadeva labhathe Bhadre Kartha Karmajamaathmanaha.”

Every jeevathma has to enjoy/suffer the fruit of his actions either in this janma or in the next. Sometimes a very good man is born blind or lame and suffers his entire lifetime. The vice versa also happens. A very rude culprit enjoys happily all his life. All these are the result of ones merit/demerits in his previous births. The other religions do not accept rebirth. Thus it will only mean that all the sufferings are a result of the Supreme Almighty. This will in return refer to the Lord as a prejudiced person. However the fact is different. God has no likes or dislikes. He is beyond everything. He loves all. Our sufferings are as a result of our own deeds either in the present life or past. The Lord is not a reason for it. Srimad Ramayan gives an example.
               King   Dasaratha goes for a hunt. He had a missile by name Shabdavedi. It could strike the target without aiming at it. It would attack the target just by following its sound. Dasaratha heard a rumble. He thought it was of an animal. He directed the shabdavedi towards it. Alas it was the noise of a 16 year old boy named Shravanakumara. He had come to a pond to fetch water for his blind parents. The missile attaked him and killed him. Dasaratha did it unknowingly. His parents mourned bitterly for his death. “ You too will die of puthrashoka( separation from your son)” , thus they cursed Dasaratha. Dasaratha felt miserable but then after the birth of Rama he was pacified. Now Dasaratha tells Kousalya of this incident after his separation from Rama. “ One begets what he does previously. As you sow so do you reap”, says Dasaratha as he now feels the pangs of separation from Rama after the latter’s exile.

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