Wednesday, August 5, 2015


 Arjuna and the rest of the Pandavas were on exile. They had decided to do a theertha yatra. As they were wandering through the dakshina desha ( the southern parts), they reached a forest. Arjuna was afflicted with a great thirst. He looked for water here and there but ther wasn’t even an ounce of it. He desperately wandered in search of water but in vain. Agitated and exhasperated Arjuna sat under a tree along with his family. Just then a small boy dressed in a beautiful shirt and wearing a turban reached the spot. He had a stick in his hand. He spoke to Arjuna “ Iam a cowherd. How may I help you Sire? Arjuna was pleased by his looks. He introduced himself as one of the pandavas and told him he was feeling really thirsty. Follow me, said the little boy. At a particular place with his stick he hit the ground and up sprang clear water. Arjuna was greatly surprised. He drank the waters and took a fresh bath. He the looked for the boy who had by then vanished. Arjuna was now frantically looking out for the boy. Nowhere was he found. Tired, he slept under a tree. In his dream he saw the same boy who spoke to him “ Iam none other than Dwarakadeesha. Dont you worry . You are my friend and Iam your friend.” Arjuna woke up in excitement and continued to search for that little boy. He then came across a beautiful temple. He worshipped the Lord there. That pond which was created by the stick of the Lord came to be called VethraGanga ( Vethra refers to a stick). Those who take bath in Vethra Ganga get rid of their sins. Since then this kshetra is reffered to as ParthanPalli.

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