Tuesday, October 6, 2015



The Devas were tormented by the asuras. The Devas decided to come over to Thirumoozhikkalam and surrender to the Lord.  They prayed to the Lord at the banks of the pond at Thirumoozhikkalam. “ Oh Lord. You are the only refuge to the needy, helpless and poor. The Asuras are dsperte to establish adharma (unrighteousness) while we are working to establish dharma. It is you who should save us all and re-establish dharma by attacking the asuras indirectly”.
 The Lord, pleased by their devotion appeared on Garuda and spoke to them thus:
“ I shall now tell you all an idea to win the asuras. May you all beseech the help of Puranjayan, a king of the Suryavamsha who is known for his valour and efficiency.  I shall enter into him and through him kill the asuras. Let Indra be a bull on whom I shall mount and battle against the asuras. The rest of the devas may assume the form of brahmanas and request  Puranjayan to declare war.”
                          The devas did as instructed by the Lord. The King with the aavesha ( entry) of the Lord mounted a bull, attacked the asuras and won the battle. Kakuth means- The bull’s mound. As the king sat on the bull’s mound he came to be called kakuthstha.
( Lord Rama came as a descendent and hence He came to be called Kaakuthstha.)

Thirumoozhikkalam was established by that king. He brought 1000 brahmanas to this place and made them do the Veda Parayana, recite Ithihasas and Puranas. Those who worship the Lord at this kshetra will beget success and success alone.

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