Thursday, February 4, 2016


Ambarisha ruled the whole world with his base as Ayodhya. He was the son of Naabhaga. He was a great warrior and a true devotee. He used to listen to the divine stories of the Lord. Once he was on a teertha yatra to Kerala. There he asked the wise men as to how to please the Lord Vishnu. They replied  that the best way was to follow the ekadesi vratham. Fasting on Ekadesi and offering payasam to the Lord on Dwadashi and then feeding the Brahmins one has to partake food on the dwadashi thithi. Ambarisha too came back to Ayodhya and began the vratha for a year. To conclude the vratha in the month of Karthika Shuklapaksha he went to Brundavan. Having bathed in the river Yamuna, doing the salagrama pooja, fasting and being awake all night, listening to the Lord’s tr anscendental stories and namasankeerthanam he spent the ekadesi. On the dwadashi day he bathed in the river Yamuna, worshipped Vishnu fed the brahmanas and sat down to eat. It was then that Sage Durvasha came to the spot. Ambaraisha atonce got up and requested the sage to do the parana there. The sage agreed and left for his bath at Yamuna but never came back for a long time. It was a fault to eat before the invited sage. It was also a fault if the parana was not done in the dwadashi thithi. Hence the king did jalaparana alone. ( drank a little water alone). Knowing this through his gnana drushti Durvasa discharged a ghost towards him. The Vishnu chakra killed the ghost immediately and followed the sage who ran for his life. The sage finally met  Lord Vishnu who said “  Iam not independent. Iam a servant to my devotees. They are my swamis. I can forgive even hundreds of mistakes done to me but not even one done to my bakthas. Go and ask pardon from Ambaraisha.”

Durvasa came back to Ambarisha and asked forgiveness. Ambarisha prayed to Sudarshana and the chakra disappeared. After this incident Ambarisha left to Thiruviththuvakodu and did Vishnubhakthi.  Those who pray to the Lord Vishnu at Thiruvithuvakodu will be relieved of ghosts and phantoms.

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