Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Perumal----- Bhakthavathsala
Vimanam------Uthphala vimanam

Once there lived a trader by name Dhanapal. He was a very rich merchant. However he was very greedy and miserly. He never donated even a paise for the poor and the needy. He never bothered about the sufferings of the helpless. Nor did he spend his money for his own enjoyment, for it would be spent. He always treasured his wealth more than his life.
   It is the nature of Lakshmi  to keep moving from one place to another. She never stays permanently at a single place.  This is why today’s pauper turns tomorow’s prince and vice versa. Poverty or prosperity is never permanent. Hence donate and do dharma when you have money.
 That Danapala became very poor all of a sudden. His wife, sons, relatives and the Government usurped all his wealth and left him penniless. He tried to start various other businesses but failed in all his attempts. His relatives started cursing him.
They alone are respected who are wealthy. They alone live happily who are wealthy. A poor man is called a dull head and a wealthy man a wise one. Respect comes from wealth. Hence Danapal, now poor lost all his respect. He approached his purohit for advice. This purohith narrated a story.
Once Lord Krishna questioned lakshmi Devi : “ Why do always keep moving. Why are you so unstable. Tell me the apt reasons.”
SriDevi smiled and replied :
I move away from the following persons:
1)      Those who are unrighteous and never donate.
2)      Those who gamble, drink wine, torture animals and engage in prostitution.
3)      Those who lie in court
4)      Those who are greedy, angry and miserly
5)      Those who usurp others’ property
6)      Those who are envious of others.
7)      Those who enjoy others poverty
8)      Those who are proud of their wealth
9)      Those who praise themselves
10)   Those who spend lavishly
11)   Those who do not give to the deserving
12)   Those who are unrespectful to cows, Brahmins and Gods
13)   Those who are lazy, non- believers of God and of vicious character
14)   Those who hate devotees of the Lord.

The Lord then asks, “ where do you prefer to reside permanently?
She replies again . I stay at those houses where
1)      Sadhus are worshipped
2)       there is righteousness
3)      There is charity at its best
4)      There is cleanliness
5)      Tulasi and bilva grow
6)      Lights are lit in the evenings
7)      Vishnu is worshipped with conch and bells
8)      There is Vedagosha, sound of stotras
9)      There is humility
10)   There is love
11)   There is no ridicule or crying.
Saying so the purohith said “ Dhanapal, you became poor only because of your miserliness. Go and worship the Lord and His consort at Thirunindravur and may you be bestowed with the lost wealth.”
 The trader did so, begot prosperity. This time he became wise He donated lots in charity. Thus those who worship the Lord here will get back their prosperity. Lakshmi preffered to stay permanently at this place since all were engaged in Dana and Dharma. Hene this kshetra came to be called “ Thiru- Nindra- vur, the place where Lakshmi preferred to stay once and for all.


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