Thursday, October 13, 2016


There is a beautiful kshetra called SriMushnam. There the Lord resides as Varahamurthy. He resued Bhumidevi who was immersed in Pralayajalam. It was then that Bhumi Devi said to the Lord: “What is the way to rescue the souls ( jeevan) immersed in the ocean of materialism. The Lord then says “ Just as an elephant takes a lotus out of the mud so do I take a jeevan from the mud of misery. Finally  when the soul is to depart I give my darshan to that being, bestow him with wisdom and liberate him from this material world. I take several forms as archa ( deities) in various kshetras and shower my compassion on those ignorant beings too. Out of these there are 8 swayamvyaktha kshetras ( not made by a sculptor but of its own). Such kshetras are Salagramam, Naimisharanyam, Pushkaram, Vanamamalai, Tirumalai, Srirangam, Kanchi, SriMushnam etc.
Bhodevi asks then “ Out of these Swayamvyaktha kshetras which one is the best?”
The Lord Says “ Sri Mushnam is one kshetra where I reside completely pleased along with Sri and Bhu Devi. I resued you who are Sri from the pralaya waters. Hence the name SriMushnam. Hiranyaksha came to take you away from the pralaya waters. I killed him and saved you. Here I live at the banks of Nithyapushkarani under the ashwaththavruuksha. This forest is known by the name Jillikavanam at the banks of Shwethanadhi.
Jillika was the daughter of Hiranyakshan. Here she did penance at the banks of Shwethanadhi. Brahma also blessed her. She asked for a brave son who would instil fear in the mind of Devas. His name was Dandaka.

That Dandaka killed many sages at Dandakaranaya. Those sages sought the refuge of the Lord. Since he bestowed the Sri- wealth of the brahamanas this kshetra is known as SriMushnam. Then the sages did penance at the banks of Nithyapushkarani. Varahamurthy then came out on His own accord splitting the earth.. Those who see Varahamurthy here will never suffer in this world.

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