Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Kosalo nama Mudithaha speeto janapado mahan
Nivishtaha sarayutheere Prabhoothadhanadhaanyavan
Ayodhya Nama Nagari Thatraseetlokavisruta
Manuna Maanavendrena Ya Puri Nirmita svayam
Out of all countries India has been proclaimed to be the best of all. Atpresent may be the other countries are more developed in the financial and economic sense. They may be more advanced in business or commerce or in the scientific field. India had been enslaved for several years by several people. Hence it was not allowed to develop. After its independence it has been developing at a rapid rate too. Other nations are envious of this fact which is obviously seen now. However India is known throughout the world nations as being the foremost in culture. Almost all Indian citizens are righteousness and God fearing. Hence there are hundreds of kshetras in India. Hundreds of saints have incarnated here and relived righteousness. The incarnations of the Lord have been only in Bharatha desha. It is a reservoir of hundreds of granthas like Ramayana and Mahabharatha. Out of all states and kingdoms Kosaladesha and Bhojadesha are of special significance. Sri Rama incarnated in Kosaladesha and Krishna avatharam was in Bhoja desha.
Kosaladesha is a big state. Here the people were living peacefully and with great prosperity.This place was in the banks of river sarayu. Sarayu is a perennial river. Hence it is a place with abundant greenery. The capital city , Ayodhya shone beautifully. It was established by Vaivasvatha manu. Ayodhya means “ One which cannot be conquered by enemies. The rulers of the Ikshwaku race ruled the kingdom beautifully with Ayodhya as the capital city.

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