Saturday, November 28, 2015


Jagajjyothi vimanam, thiruchchitraru, seen by Lord Siva
At the banks of Sanga theertham lord Hari stands at Sonashailapuram ( thiruchenkundrur). Once upon a time there was a powerful asura by name Andhaka. He performed severe penance. Brahma bestowed on him a boon that he will not be killed by any weapon of the Devas. “ Indra’s vajrayudham, or Yama’s dandam, or Varuna’s pasam or Vayu’s gada,, Rudra’s parasu or Vishnu’s chakra, or Muruga’s vel ( trident) will not hurt you” said Brahma. But as he was of a vicious nature he began assaulting all the Devas. The Devas sought refuge under Lord Siva. As Siva fought a tough battle Andhaka disappeared from His sight. Even Lord Siva’s parasu failed to succeed.  Siva came down to Malayadesham at the banks of sanga teertha and performed penance. The Lord appeared along with Durga, lakshmi and saraswathi. The Lord said ‘” Previously I took the avathar of Hayagriva and killed the asuras who took away the Vedas. I shall now give to you the same shoola which I used in that battle.” It was at that time that a girl who was the amsha of Lakshmi was born to a sage called Aprunar. She was named Sarawathi and wanted to wed me. In the Hayagrivaathar I married her. Andhakasura is Tamas embodied. Only the shoola which is wisdom personified can kill him. Brahmavidyaswarupini Durga killed Mahishasuran with this same weapon.” Having said thus the Lord ordered sarawathi and Durga to give the shoolam to Siva. Lord Siva inturn waged a war and killed Andhakasura.

Thus this kshetra has the deities of Siva, Durga, Vishnu( Hayagriva and Saraswathi. Those who worship them at this ksehtra will beget longevity, health and success.

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